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Life as a Bed of Roses

It’s often said that

life’s not a bed of roses

. Indeed life’s not a bed of roses, but people make beds of roses out of life.
Life’s not a bed of roses means not that beds can’t be made of roses, it simply implies that you’ve got to work your ass out to make your bed of roses. Today I can tell you that life’s a bed of roses: where the roses represent lots of opportunities. Now no one has an excuse for not being comfortable.




Quit getting Left Behind!

In whatsoever you do, if you keep getting left behind no matter how much you try, something’s wrong and one way to make this wrong right is,

quit getting left behind and find a new path




Moving Forward….

My country complains of not having good leadership, I complain of not having leaders who try to be good.

For a period that seemed like eternity, we the people of Africa have suffered due to lack of knowledge. Now, another year of turmoil ends and we head for another year clouded by thoughts of a bright future for the next generation, while our leaders harbor thoughts of the next election.

Today, what I want from my African counterparts(the youths) is a good election, devoid of currency notes. Our elders have been driven by greed all these years but what comes after now is our future and that of our children, “your children can’t be truly happy as your happy children, they can as our children “,it’s time to either embrace each other or kill each other, no one will sit on the fence from now on. Today, we choose our path as kings ♚. Continue reading Moving Forward….

The World’s best ⓔⓝⓔⓜⓨ

        Dear friends, today I’ll be talking about “the world’s major enemy, violence “.

          The world isn’t having a

gun problem,it’s having an anger problem.

Imagine a world without guns,it doesn’t stop people from being murdered, raped,extorted etcetera. Guns were not made with the intent to of war,violence, it was made to ease hunting, to be used as protection from the wild but as we all know we humans are the wildest breed of living organisms known to ourselves “we can’t be tamed”.

It is known that most people take up arms for the sake of vengeance, and this vengeance is a breed of hate while hate is the first breed of uncontrolled anger. Violence is not just a word,it’s an attitude and the problem we have is that, violence is as contagious as can be .

We keep trying to solve the gun problem and not look at the real problem,anger . It is until we begin to solve the anger problem ,then we can begin to see results, good results in our relationships all over the world. One key to solving the anger problem is, being able to apologize for wrongs done,kill your pride and save our world!</stro


Be Good, Be Happy

        I heard someone say, “If you want happiness for an hour


, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a month,get married. If you want happiness for a year, win the lottery but if you want happiness for a lifetime, be good to people.”
           Being good to people doesn’t mean you “sacrifice your happiness to keep someone else happy “. If being good to people doesn’t make you happy you ain’t doing good. Sometimes we ought to make sacrifices for a friend, family or just anybody,my point is,don’t let these seasonal sacrifices turn out to be a lifetime duty turning you into a crouch for those whom these sacrifices are made.

            Being good to people is a part of what makes us human. You can’t be good to everyone but you can be good to those that have been put in your life (family, friends, coworkers, neighbors etcetera).
           Being good to people is contagious eg, a coffee shop owner told how a lady came into her shop bought her coffee and that of the person behind her(a total stranger) and when the owner told the one behind our lady, he said”well,let me pay for the person behind me”. This continued for two hours over eighty customers. Dear,being good to people is contagious.

          Finally if you want happiness for a lifetime,make it a goal to be good to at least one person everyday. I think we could start changing the world from here.