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EL SEGUNDO, Calif. —
Asked around 11 a.m. Saturday about his some-day return to the court, Kobe Bryant said “My goal is to play tonight.” So there was not going to be a lot of clarity.

Saturday night would have been out of the question if there had been a game, but little on the calendar after that seemed much of a certainty as the Lakers reconvened in preparation for the new season that will include Bryant. At some point.

The coach is not ruling Bryant out of at least the last of the exhibition games, Mike D’Antoni said. But D’Antoni balanced that by noting he is not counting on Bryant for any of the eight preseason contests in Southern California, Las Vegas or two in China against the Warriors.

The player is not ruling out opening night of the regular season, Bryant said. But the…

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Embed Tweets and YouTube Videos with the Media Explorer

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It’s easier than ever to add another dimension to your posts with embedded videos or tweets: announcing the Media Explorer, a new media curation tool that lets you add trending content from Twitter and YouTube without ever leaving your post editor!

To access the Media Explorer, simply click “Add Media” while editing a post, as you would to insert a photo. You’ll see a couple of new options below the familiar image tools: Insert Media The Twitter Explorer lets you find tweets by keyword or hashtag, by tweets to or from a specific user, and by geographic location — search for tweets using any of those parameters right in the same window: Insert Tweet Want eyewitness stories on some breaking news? You can pull tweets from people on the ground into your blog ASAP — the geographic search is the next best thing to having someone there: Twitter Geolocation The YouTube Explorer changes the way…

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Tech Taking Over Sport

NBA to use motion-sensing cameras to track players’ every move
By Nathan Olivarez-Giles

This upcoming season, the National Basketball Association will become the first major US sports league to use motion-sensing cameras to track its athletes in action. In all 30 NBA arenas, a company called Stats will use a six-camera rig, recording data 25 times per second, to track the position of the ball and each player. As first reported by Grantland, Stats will then create reports from this data that offer details as granular what part of a basketball a player touches, a player’s speed during a play, and how close defenders get to other players during a game.

Last season, 15 teams used the same camera technology, which Stats calls SportVU, at a cost of about $100,000 per team, Grantland said. So far, teams have used this new information to determine the effectiveness of pick-and-roll plays
and defensive schemes, and locate where shots often land after bouncing off the rim. With a newly signed multiyear agreement in place, Stats says in a statement that every NBA team will have access to the SportVU data. The length and value of the contact weren’t disclosed, but the relationship between the league and the company isn’t a new one. Since 2006, Stats has been the company disseminating sheets of statistics to the press during NBA and WNBA games — detailing information such as minutes played, shots attempted, points scored, rebounds, and assists. As such, SportVu will greatly deepen the amount of data that broadcasters and reporters will have at their disposal.

The company also says that some of the SportVU data will result in deeper statistics for use in the NBA Game Time app,, and on NBA TV. Eventually, the company would like to bring SportVU to other pro leagues, such as the NFL. If Stats combination of cameras and software can live up to its promise, it could radically change the way player performance is judged.

Via Bloomberg Businessweek
Source Stats, Grantland
Image Credit Wikimedia Commons

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