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Listening to Speak

There’s good in listening but there’s greater good in listening to speak,

for if the wise remain silent fools grow in their number




Life as a Bed of Roses

It’s often said that

life’s not a bed of roses

. Indeed life’s not a bed of roses, but people make beds of roses out of life.
Life’s not a bed of roses means not that beds can’t be made of roses, it simply implies that you’ve got to work your ass out to make your bed of roses. Today I can tell you that life’s a bed of roses: where the roses represent lots of opportunities. Now no one has an excuse for not being comfortable.



Moving Forward….

My country complains of not having good leadership, I complain of not having leaders who try to be good.

For a period that seemed like eternity, we the people of Africa have suffered due to lack of knowledge. Now, another year of turmoil ends and we head for another year clouded by thoughts of a bright future for the next generation, while our leaders harbor thoughts of the next election.

Today, what I want from my African counterparts(the youths) is a good election, devoid of currency notes. Our elders have been driven by greed all these years but what comes after now is our future and that of our children, “your children can’t be truly happy as your happy children, they can as our children “,it’s time to either embrace each other or kill each other, no one will sit on the fence from now on. Today, we choose our path as kings ♚. Continue reading Moving Forward….