The PlanⓐⓤTⓤⓜ


Most people Hold their pillows at the times they should be holding onto someone.

         The people around you are not just there because they are there, the people around you are  a part of the plan nature already made for you,“Nature is the outer garment of God”. The major problem with us humans is, we know too much of the irrelevant and just a few of the relevant.

          These people around us,are not the plan nature made for us, they are just a part of the plan. In that note, you are therefore expected to build this plan with them, for them, or against them. Against them ” in the sense that most times the people we find around ourselves may not always be on the path of the plan. In such cases we build the plan against them because the work totally against it.
        Although this plan is unique,special for each person, if  you derail from the nature’s original plan,the bad news is nature will always adjust to fit-in while the good news is nature’ll always be there to make sure you succeed once you get back on track.

The plan – Destiny
Find yours soon, it’s never too late until you stop trying.

God never leaves a sheep behind,he goes after it.




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