You really don’t have to be everything, you just have to be something.

        Most times we mistake being good at lots of things for being perfect but being perfect means being the best at what you do”If you’re no longer the best then you’re no longer perfect “.
            So many people go through life trying to be someone else,a few others go through life exploring themselves (being something).You can be a genius but not at all things because “a genius is someone who’s best at what he/she does”.
             Most times we tend to be pushed around by what others say about us rather than what we should think of ourselves, you know what I’ve learnt is that no matter what was/is said about you,you can show it to be in the wrong. It doesn’t matter who said it,you just need to stay focused and never let them weigh you down because even experts can be wrong. eg; experts built the Titanic and it sunk,amateurs built the Ark and it floated. In a world like ours where so many wants to take your place even if they can’t be you,you ought to stay focused and be you because that’s what you can be best at.

“You can be something if you want to but you certainly can’t be everything even if you try to”.




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