You and Your Money

       Money, a very necessary substance of living is like a flu but in it’s case it doesn’t scare people away from you, it draws them towards you (in their numbers ).
          Most times, we tend to be unlucky in terms of money cases (lottery,etc). Now let’s say for instance someone who’s been living a kinda broke in every area in his/her life just won a lottery of about $25’000’000. Now that could change lives you known!
           $25’000’000 will definitely get your enemies to love you, those who couldn’t look at your face yesterday will do anything to roll with you today. Every lady wants to have your baby, every guy wants to hang out with you but that’s not the real issue here. The deal is “money can change the people around you but it can’t change you”.
           Like the quote says, it’s all about you,if you’re good money can’t make you bad and vice versa. It’s good to have money but it’s better if you know how to use it “wisely”.

People can change the way they feel about you but you alone can change the way you want to feel about (changing the way you feel about yourself is a choice).





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